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Children's novel

The book ”Isfarmor” (Grandma and the Glacier) is about man's littleness in nature, but also about storytelling. It takes place somewhere on an island in the Arctic.

The story is about how man's relationship with nature has changed through times and how storytelling can help us connect with something authentic. I would like to convey a sense of the Arctic, a longer time perspective and respect for nature.

In the story you get to know Erik and Lilli, a brother and sister who will spend the summer holidays with their grandmother who lives together with her old dog on a island in the Arctic. Their father has always told stories about Grandma and her quest to save the Arctic nature, but Lilli and Erik have never met her. To them she is more like a mythical character than a real grandmother.

Grandma's world is turned upside down when Lilli and Erik come to visit but as time goes by they grow closer. The children realize how important it is to help Grandma understand that she can't save nature all by herself but the journey to help her realize this is full of ups and downs.

Holocene History of Svalbard Ice Caps and Glaciers (SVALICE)