In her PhD project Lis is collecting and integrating marine, terrestrial and lacustrine data from key areas of Northern Svalbard with the aim to get a more comprehensive understanding of the late Pleistocene-Holocene climate and glacial history of northern Svalbard. She is investigating multi-millennial natural variability in glacial geosystems, on time scales comparable to current and near-future changes in the Arctic.

Lis Allaart, PhD student


The aim of Sofia's PhD project is to reconstruct Holocene precipitation seasonality in Svalbard and North Norway by using leaf wax hydrogen isotopes as a proxy. By analyzing lake sediment cores, modern sediment from sediment traps, lake water and precipitation, she is investigating latitudinal gradients in Holocene precipitation seasonality and humidity through time. 

Sofia Kjellman, PhD student

Erik Holmlund, MS student

In his master project Erik is investigating glacier change in and around Bolterdalen on Svalbard by using repeat drone photography, aerial images and historical photograph. In 2016, Erik started collecting data from two glaciers in Bolterdalen. In 2017, he continued this data collection  and started realizing that the glaciers in this area have an odd history; almost all of them seemed to have advanced in early to mid-1900s. These advances do not seem to be directly triggered by climate since they occur after the end of the Little Ice Age. The aim of Erik's project is to characterize these advances in an attempt to understand and compare them. 

Amélie Roche, MS student

Jóhanna Kristin Jóhannesdóttir, MS student


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