PhD, Associate professor Quaternary Geology


About me

I am based at the department of Arctic Geology, the University Centre in Svalbard. As a Quaternary geologist I investigate how Arctic environments, including glaciers and ice sheets, respond to climate change.


I study climate change from a geological perspective, which means that I investigate Earth’s history to learn more about modern and future climate change.

I also conduct pedagogical research, focusing on enhancing students' learning in the field. In my role as a teacher and researcher I find it important to foster awareness of and interest in climate and environmental change in the Arctic. I work on finding innovative ways of communicating climate change research.

On this website you can get an introduction to my research interests; climate research, glacier change, field teaching and read more about my thoughts on science communication. Here you can also find more detailed information on the projects that I am working on. 


E-mail: lena.hakansson@unis.no

Address:  Arctic Geology, The University Centre in Svalbard 

P.O. Box 156 N-9171 Longyearbyen, Norway